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dry mountainwater

We aim to convey Japanese culture not only through the beauty and history of Karesansui gardens, but also through stories that touch people's hearts. In addition, our goal is to contribute to the revitalization of the region by spreading the word Karesansui while preserving local pride.

Utilizing my many years of experience, I would like to think about the diversity of Karesansui, which is a representative of Japanese gardens, and widely spread the beauty and unique charm of Karesansui to the world. It took five years of building up and building up things.

We strive to preserve beauty and tradition.


We plan events and experience programs that incorporate culture and customs, and through this, dry landscape gardens become more popular.

It will become a point of pride for the region and attract more people to visit. Visitors admire the beauty

It depicts moving scenes and teaches you how to calm your mind, release stress and calm your mind.

I would like to suggest. While listening to Japanese music under incense and field umbrellas...

While creating Karesansui with your own hands, imagine a circular whirlpool or a river and place stones etc.

Making the most of sustainability and using recycled plastics ``People, Society, and the Global Environment'' Do not destroy the global environment, do not use too many resources, and continue to live peacefully and prosperously on a beautiful earth for future generations.




Frank Lloyd Wright

June 8, 1867 – April 9, 1959

American architect. He left many works in the Americas and Japan.

He is known as one of the three great masters of modern architecture, along with Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe.

(Sometimes Walter Gropius is added to make it one of the four great masters.)

In 1913, he visited Japan to design the new wing of the Imperial Hotel.

After that, he visited Japan frequently to work on the design, but due to conflicts with the management team due to large budget overruns and construction delays, he was forced to leave Japan without seeing the hotel's completion.

Construction of the hotel continued under the direction of his disciple Arata Endo and was completed in 1923.

Oya stone also has excellent deodorizing properties. Recently, it has also been used to decorate non-smoking rooms in restaurants.

It has amazing deodorizing power.

​ Oya stone is beautiful to look at and has deodorizing properties, so it is valued in many facilities.



When many people think of Karesansui, they imagine mysterious patterns drawn in the sand, known as samon.

In fact, the sand ripples also have a meaning and represent the flow of water.

​We will introduce the meaning of typical sand ripples.

​🌀Seigai Ripples

​Represents infinitely expanding waves. An atmosphere that mixes strength and softness

🌀Ripples (water ripples)

​A pattern that symbolizes a calm water surface

​🌀Wirlpool (water ripple)

​Represents ripples and whirlpools that spread from a drop of water falling.


​ Expresses calm, but more dynamic waves than ripples


​ Expressing raging waves

​ *The stand is not included.

​Ku-zen Karesansui

​~Japanese heritage Oya stone dry landscape~

Price: 440,000 yen (tax included)


Material: Oya stone (Japanese heritage)

Diamond cut pumice tuff


Wight: 5kg


​Size: H5×W58×L32​

​Exhibition and experience information

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